Family is everything, it’s about unconditional love, laughter, and the beautiful happy memories shared together. La'Famille captured the essence of this warmth and homey feeling, opening on a surprising freshness unfolding in an airy breath of Calabrian lemon note, this citrusy beginning is magnified with the floral splendor of the noble Turkish delight rose at it’s heart, enchanting the senses with softness and tenderness with the addition of vanilla, finishing on a classic oriental woody base, achieved with the natural intensity of Cedar Wood that gives out a warm feeling while the white musk brings a refined touch, an ode to the Arabian way of life with the family at the center of it.
  • Calabrian Lemon
  • Turkish Delight Rose
  • Cedarwood, Vanilla, White Musk
  • Size: 350ML
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  • Model: THB-015
  • Weight: 350.00g
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