Sometimes in life, we come across few sensations that are unique to us and they form an instant impression on our minds. Years back I experienced something similar while I was shopping in one the elite stores in Paris. I passed by the perfume aisle and realised that I have smelled something extraordinary, something I have never have experienced before which captivated my mind. Without any due, I enquired salesperson about the name and cost of the perfume. He responded, "it's very expensive", suggesting that I might not be able to afford it. Perhaps he was judging by my casual attire during the travel. Upon further insistence, he informed that it costs around 500 Euros. It took him by surprise when I respond to buy three bottles right away, he was pleased with the sale and went to arrange it for me.
At that very moment, a thought struck my mind, why can’t I make such a perfume? This thought stuck in my head even after my return to home. I started thinking of creating a distinct brand by creating series of perfumes utilising the best possible oils and the most appealing container and packaging. This idea turned into a concept and then into a passion for me. As a result, I ended up developing series of perfumes that reflect the true Arabic essence and generosity.

In the Arabian culture, the richness is not depicted by the materialistic possessions. The significance lies in the ethics and morality of a person, the richness of love, how big one can dream, hope and empathy with friends. Per that, perfume is taken as a form of holy tradition, it's a ritual followed by the rich and is considered as a sign of true wealth. Arabic heritage reveal that owing good perfume is an honor and is taken as a sign of anticipation and faith in the modesty of this universe.
To materialise my business idea, I went through some brainstorming bounded by the Arabian traditions. It fascinated me knowing the Arab traditions of trading pure oils and I was convinced that I could deliver better; my heritage was my inspiration. Visualising the wealthy families who are gifted with an abundance of money and roam around in success, I researched more about the way gift exchanges take place to keep up relations in the society. Relationships and families mean a lot in the Arabian culture and history suggests they are fond of offering rare blue ruby stones to kings and queens as a sign of affection and affiliation. It signifies luxury and richness, not only in terms of wealth but more so regarding history and traditions with high regard for the person who admires it.

Having an Arabic heritage and cultural background, it became the deciding factor in my decision to choose the blue ruby as a primary color. For the emblem, I chose to use an octagon as my signature, which symbolises eternal wealth. I gave it a golden touch, a secondary colour in relation to the golden colour of sandy Arabian deserts. For the production of my perfume, I chose France, a center of fashion and producer of highest standardised quality fragrances. Factories in Paris have hundreds of years of experience in their fieldwork and thus are the experts in their eminence manufacturing. This was a dominant contributing factor in my decision as for me quality comes first.
After a whole year of ground work, involving tremendous efforts and series of blending experimentation, I was successful in creating 'Thary Paris'. I felt the essence of pure richness in my hands. I smelled success, this was a perfect blend of precise proportions of oils, my dream perfume for the world.